What’s new at 6 months

I thought I would do an updated post on how things have been lately with Leonardo. He has just recently turned 6 months and it has been such a journey. I can’t quite believe how much he changes daily and i’m so grateful that I get to spend everyday with him. I thought I would just pin point a few of the things i’ve noticed and a few things that i’ve brought that hopefully someone else might find useful.


We are now on week 4 of our weaning journey and although I have been following Ellas Kitchen First Foods book, i’ve also been creating a few recipes myself which have been influenced by the recipes in this book, mainly if I didn’t have something in the house such as an ingredient, then I would add something else (within reason). I’ve started to mix foods now, so I will mix carrot, sweet potato and peas for example. I have also now started to make his puree more ‘lumpy’ so he is starting to understand texture.


Leonardo is getting really good at sitting up now, he’s not quite there yet but I think in a few weeks time he will be.

Things he loves to do

Play peek-a-boo

Play with a rattle

Finally, he loves to use Sophie the Giraffe as a teething toy


He loves to make high pitched screams, I think he’s doing it for attention but finds it hilarious and it’s super cute (maybe not when we’re in a coffee shop though!)

This has been a really lovely month and i’ve seen so many changes in Leonardo, he can now see from a far, so it makes it really fun playing peek-a-boo, he pushes his bottle away, he loves to grab things and his hand-eye co-ordination is really good now.

We have also just tonight, transitioned from the Snuz bed next to me, to his cot bed, he has just developed a cold, so i’m not sure how tonight will go, but I will keep you posted. I feel super guilty that he has a cold, almost like it was my fault and I shouldn’t have taken him to baby class yesterday because he could have picked it up from there, but how ridiculous does that sound! I know it’s not mu fault, and really, I think he may have developed a cold because he is really cutting through on his two bottom teeth and it’s causing him to be a bit run down from the stress, i’m not sure, but all I can do is look after him the best I can and make sure he’s comfortable.

We don’t have much planned for the weekend as it all depends on how our sleep goes, it’s nice not to have plans for once, but we’ll definitely go out and get some fresh air at some point and if the suns out I would like to do a mini photo shoot with baby L as he half a year old!

Love DD xX





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When I’m not designing, working on production and all those ‘glamorous’ jobs that come with being a fashion designer; I will be mostly here writing about what I love most, and giving you an insight into my world as a Fashion Designer and new mummy to baby Leonardo born in November 2016.

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