Our Weaning Diary Part I

I haven’t blogged in a while and it’s been really bugging me as I’ve had lots to tell you all and content that I wanted to write about which hopefully you find interesting as I love reading reviews etc.

I thought I would bring you on our weaning journey, as it’s quite a big leap and there are so many do’s and dont’s, especially in the books so I find it’s always nice to hear how others got on during the first stages of weaning, as one thing that I have definitely learnt is that every baby is different.

I have a really hungry baby, I’ve known that since Leonardo was about two weeks old, when he wouldn’t scream at me because I wasn’t producing enough milk for him and he was still hungry even after being on each boob for over half an hour. I wanted to wait as long as I naturally could with Leonardo before I started to introduce him to solids as I’ve heard that if baby’s digestive system hasn’t fully formed and one introduces baby to certain foods, this could result with issues later in life.

Leonardo was 5 months when I first introduced him to weaning, I was given Ellas Kitchen ‘First Foods Book’ The purple one as a present, which I found really helpful. I followed the recipes in this book for the first two weeks, I’m still using the book as inspiration and combining some recipes of my own. The very first food I introduced to baby L was potato, I used a Maris Piper, boiled it in a pan, then put it in my Kenwood blender with water that the potato was boiled in and blitzed it until it was quite runny, a thicker consistency to his milk but not too thick. As soon as I put the spoon to his mouth, he just knew what to do, admittedly it went around his mouth, but he did have at least 5-6 spoonfuls.

Weeks before I introduced baby L to food, I noticed him watching me or Lee eating, he would stare at us, watching the food enter our mouths.

After day one with the potato, I then introduced a sweet potato, then a carrot, then broccoli, then courgette. He liked all of them apart from the courgette and I don’t really blame him, I think they’re really bland.

Week two, I continued with single veg, I’d then introduce an apple, pear and a mango.

By week 3 I started to mix the vegetables, so I would make carrot, sweet potato and peas or cauliflower and cheddar cheese, just to mix up the pallet for him.

We’re now into week 4 and Leonardo will be 6 months old on 12th May so I am thinking of introducing pasta, rice, chicken and fish.

I’ve been really lucky with him so far, he’s taken to solids really well, because he is such a hungry baby, we’re now having three meals a day, so in the morning I will give him an Aptimal porridge with banana, he has this after his milk on his first feed of the day. I then give him lunch at about 12/1pm he’s still having a milk bottle before this feed but He’s becoming less interested in this feed, so eventually I think he might drop the milk feed and just have a ‘foody lunch’ we’ll see… I have been giving him vegetables for this feed. Then at about 6pm, he has another milk feed and I give him an evening dessert which so far has been a mixture of fruit, apple and banana, avocado and pear etc.

He then has another bottle at about 8:30pm-9pm and falls asleep around 10pm.

The past two nights he has been waking in the night but I think this is just from teething pain, as his cheeks have been really rosie.

I’m not going to lie, this transition from milk feeds to coming up with new meal ideas for me, I’ve found exhausting, I still haven’t tried batch cooking and freezing, mainly because I haven’t got round to it and also because I’ve never been one to freeze things, I don’t know why, I just haven’t, probably because I’m unsure of the ‘do’s and don’ts of freezing’ I also hate defrosting chicken and am so scared of getting ill from it, let alone bubba being ill. I know, I know, I probably sound ridiculous and I probably just need one of those food hygeine posters in my kitchen!

Apart from the teething horrors this week, I’m really excited for baby L to turn 6 months, he’s becoming such a charming little character!

If anyone has any weaning recommendations or wants to ask me anything, I would so love to hear from you – daniela@danieladamico.com or message me on Instagram @danieladamico_

Love DD x X







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