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I love this time of year for getting a really good deal on boots that will see you through to next winter, what’s great about getting them in the sale now is that you can still wear them for the next few months and put them away March time, ready to look forward to getting them out again at late September. I hardly wore my boots this winter, due to my feet swelling during the end of my pregnancy, my footwear became really limited, and the only item I could wear (and I literally took them to the hospital with me) were my adidas Superstars, I could just slip them on and off without having to bend over and they were wide enough (worn in enough!) for me to wear comfortably, even without socks. Ever since i’ve had baby i’ve been wearing my new Uggs that I got for Christmas, and I know what your thinking, Uggs, really? I’m not going to lie, they keep my feet warm, I can slip into them in the time i’m rushing around to get baby ready to go out and since birth, I have wanted to wear ‘comforting’ clothes, obviously in the chicest way possible! In my opinion, Rosie Huntington-Whitely has done a really good job with the new Ugg Campaign, if anyone can make them look hot it’s her, and we’re not all going to wear them with see through leggings and thongs (insert laughing face) and yes, you can make them look chic, it’s just all about how you wear them! So let’s get rid of the stigma? I have anyway! Also, the new design is much more flattering for your leg!

I’ve chosen my favourite shoes in the Moda Operandi sale that will make you look forward to Spring, Summer and next Winter! Go have a peek!

Love DD Xx

The Black Boot Shop Here

The Sneaker Shop Here

The Ballet Flat Shop Here

The Sandal – Shop Here






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