Teething at Four Months

The week just gone has been one of the hardest since having baby L, when people used to say to me ‘Oh, just wait until the teething starts.’ I used to shrug it off and think, well it can’t be as hard as the new born days, oh, well, I was wrong. Every baby is different, I know that by now, but I was not expecting it to be this hard.

For the last few weeks baby L has been dribbling a lot and i’ve found that he needs to wear his bib almost all the time otherwise I was forever changing him for having a wet chest. He would dribble away and sometimes his cheeks would be a little red, I knew he was starting to teeth but just thought he was coping with it. It wasn’t until Monday, the screaming started, he would not go to sleep on his ‘normal’ nap time, at first I thought it was the 4 month regression and him fighting his sleep, but then I realised he kept sucking on his bottom lip and was really showing signs of him being in pain, the screaming got louder and louder.

I went to the chemist, the pharmacist recommended Ashton and Parsons teething powder, this was something you could just sprinkle onto their tongues, half a sachet in the morning and the other half in the evening, I did this for a few days, I didn’t see any noticeable change in his temperament, as I was also giving him calpol, it was difficult to tell. I was also recommended baby Bonjela, which I brought and again, didn’t think it helped baby L at all really, apart from him enjoying the feeling of someone rubbing their fingers over his gums, I think this really soothed him. I don’t find adult baby bonjela helpful myself, so I kind of wish I didn’t buy this, but at the time I wanted to try whatever I could!

It got to day Tuesday and I was noticing baby L had diarrhoea, I later realised this was linked to the teething, due to the excess saliva baby L is producing, causing him to have loose bowels.

I was changing baby L’s nappy almost 10-20 times in the day, he was constantly having diarrhoea, it wasn’t a lot but it was enough to warrant changing the nappy.  It was difficult to get him to sleep, the only way he would eventuall fall asleep was by being rocked to sleep or in the buggy and me pushing the buggy backwards and forwards, I got to the point where I couldnt go out with him as I was changing his nappy so often, it would be impossible for me to get out and not have to change his nappy within 10 minutes, so one day we stayed in all day long and it was a tough day, lots of cuddles for baby L and just calpol and the Ashton and Parsons powder. I found it hard when the calpol would ware off withing 2 hours, and there was nothing I could give him to soothe the pain, I was putting Sophie the giraffe in the fridge, and it just wasn’t hitting the spot for him, even the gummie glove wasn’t helping. It was so hard to see him crying and in so much pain, it’s one of the hardest things to see as a mother, your baby in pain.

We then tried the Anbesol liquid which we finally managed to get hold of from boots, this stuff is great for baby L, it really helps soothe his gums, we put it on every 3 hours, and you can really tell that it helps him. I’ve had baby L wake up in the middle of the night a few nights, i’ve rubbed this liquid on his gums and within 15 minutes (after a feed) he’s calmed down and ready to sleep again.

You can really see two teeth coming through on the top of baby L’s gums, it looks like his bottom teeth are all coming through together, apart from having a bit of a sore bottom from him having loose bowels, I think we are now feeling better *touches wood*.

For us, the Anbesol liquid and calpol have worked the best, none of the teething toys really cut the mustard, especially not when he’s screaming, the last thing he wants is Sophie the giraffes foot in his mouth, cold or not cold.

This week i’m going to try and find a teething ring that he can hold onto easier.

I’ve had a really lovely mothers day after a tough week of teething, it’s so important to get out of the house, even if it’s just for 20 minutes or so, i’ve found this works for baby L, especially to get him to nap.

After this week of teething, I decided I needed to treat myself to a few mothers day treats for myself, here’s what I chose to buy and I can’t wait to receive them! Thank god for online shopping!

Hope everyone’s had a good weekend and Happy Mothers day to all the amazing Mummies out there!

Love DD xX

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