Summer Essentials Part I

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With this English heat wave, it’s been a real learning curve for me, not only do I find it hard myself to deal with the heat (Hello, I live in England, I like the cold and go on holiday to see some sun!) but this time, I have to deal with keeping a baby cool and safe in the heat. I’m trying to find the positives from it, and seeing it as a little tester as to what it will be like when we go on holiday. I’m no expert at this, and believe me, i’m winging it all the way, but so far so good, so I thought I would share a few of the things that are helping me (mumma) and baby (Leonardo) and if any of it looks or sounds good to you, then you can maybe try them out, if you wanted to!

I am going to write this post in a 2, maybe 3 part session as I know there will be things along the way that i’d like to add, for example, i’ve ordered a travel cot and it hasn’t arrived yet, so I thought I would do a post including that once i’ve tested it out etc.

  1. Cool Baths – We have the ‘Shnuggle’ bath and have put it ouside on the patio a few times so that he can enjoy a splash and cool down. You can see the bath here .

2. No Nappy Time – We’ve been having a bit of this, now that baby L can roll over, I tend to put him on the floor on top of his changing mat, so that if he does have an accident i.e poops or a wee, it’s easy to clean up.

3. Lot’s of water – I discovered the munchkin cup this weekend, it’s been great, it doesn’t leak and baby L loves drinking from it, you can see it here .

4. Sun Cream – I brought a factor 50, the boots shop that I went into didn’t really have much of a variety and I had gone out especially to get baby sun cream, so I just picked this one up, it’s creamy, easy to apply but I think I would prefer a spray sun cream for an easier application,  you can see it here .

5. Baby Hat – This is a super cute sun hat from Joules, Leonardo does try to pull it off now and again but when he wears it, it looks so cute and keeps his head covered up nicely, you can see it here .

I’ll be back here with a few more winners, hopefully that will help you too. We’re on the hunt for a fan too, ones to take on holiday and I still need to get anti repellants so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space for part II.

Love DD xX





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