Rainy days on the weekend

Sometime’s grey days like today can make you feel a bit ‘dull’ and ‘gloomy’ especially if we have had consecutive days where the sun literally hasn’t shined. It feels to me like we’ve had quite a cold winter, the end of my pregnancy which was during the colder months of /November, to me, seems like such a long time ago so for it still to be super cold outside, it is starting to get a bit annoying, but rather than see it’s negatives, i’ve decided to list a few of things I like to do that relax me on days like today, where you can appreciate a cozy home and staying in.

  1. Enjoy a warm drink

Whether you’re a tea drinker (like me) or coffee drinker, it’s so nice to have a warm drink inside you, since being pregnant I tried to cut caffeine out completely, luckily for me, I couldn’t stand the sight of english breakfast tea during pregnancy, so from being a complete tea addict, I had to find an alternative, I replace it with Pukka Teas my favourite now being the ‘Three Mint’ or ‘Relax’

Shop Pukka Tea Here

2. Find a series to watch

I love discovering new things on Netflix, whether it’s a documentary or series. Whilst I was up late doing the night feeds my favourite thing to watch was ‘Jane The Virgin’ it was funny, cringey and perfect easy watching for a 3am night feed. I have recently watched ‘The Santa Clara Diet’ which after watching the first episode I went back to bed (I had just fed Leonardo at 5am) and had weird nightmares (you will understand why once you’ve seen it) but when I came downstairs for the next feed, I couldn’t help but watch the next episode, there is something about this series that makes you want to see more, it’s so bizarre and unexpected, but yet so funny and has a lovely little family team that you just start to admire. Definitely give it a watch!

3. Online Shopping

Whether you’re just browsing, looking for something in-particular or looking for inspiration, I love online shopping, in some ways I actually find it therapeutic. Since becoming a mummy I love looking for clothes for baby L, I had never even stepped foot into a store prior to being pregnant, they really do have some great collections, I love the collaborations they do.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the Jools Olive X Mothercare collection for boys.

Little Boys Knitted All In One – Shop Here

Zip Through Stripe Romper – Shop Here

Train Cord Dungarees – Shop Here

Happy Saturday Everyone xX






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When I’m not designing, working on production and all those ‘glamorous’ jobs that come with being a fashion designer; I will be mostly here writing about what I love most, and giving you an insight into my world as a Fashion Designer and new mummy to baby Leonardo born in November 2016.

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