It’s okay to have a bad day

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Motherhood has taught me a few things, but especially this one. It really is okay, to have a bad day. Before I entered the world of motherhood and the only person I had to think about really, was myself, I thought a bad day would be having a bad hair day? (no i’m not that ridiculous) okay, maybe it was getting a parking ticket or feeling rubbish about myself.

This week i’ve felt all of that, and some, the parking ticket came in, I smashed one of our favourite glasses this morning, it literally shattered into a thousand pieces, definitely didn’t need that whilst emptying the dishwasher this morning!

I realised this morning that when baby L wakes up in the morning at 6:30/7am even on weekends, I should just stay up from then, this morning I didn’t, for some reason, it gets to Friday and I am absolutely exhausted, i’m taking all of my iron, zinc, multi vitamins and trying to eat healthily (to an extent, I have just had a baby, definitely going to use this excuse for the next 9 months, 9 months in, 9 months out) anyway, I thought I would go back to bed after I fed Leonardo this morning, and you know, treat myself, but boy, was I wrong, I felt awful after this ‘nap’, I felt worse, much worse! So I wont be doing that again, I realise now, for me, that the nap that baby L has between 7-9 am (it varies) but normally after his first feed of the day, he goes back to sleep quite quickly for about 2 hours, this is the only 2 hours of the day that I can actually have some me time!

Here are a few things that I like to do to calm myself down when i’m feeling stressed out and exhausted from #MumLife.

  1. Make a cup of tea – this always works for me!
  2. File and paint my nails.
  3. Have a relaxing hot bath using lavender oil and lots of bubble bath.
  4. Do a face mask, my favourite is this one from Bobbi Brown.
  5. Do my make up and put on some lipstick, my favourite current ’round the house/daily’ lipstick is from Burts Bees, it’s natural, soothes chapped lips which I seem to have post-partum and if I get it accidentally on baby’s skin I know it’s all natural. I love this one.

I hope any of these ideas help any of you, even if it’s a way to relax after work if you don’t have babies. I’d love to hear any of your favourite ways to have some ‘me time’ comment over on my Instagram @danieladamico_ would so love to hear from you!

Happy Weekend, Love DD xX





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