My Love for Denim

Hi everyone, i’ve been reading a book recently called “How to break up with your phone'” and I couldn’t recommend it enough. to be completely honest, I never realised I was addicted to my smartphone, until my child was born, it was those moments I was reaching for it, when I knew I shouldn’t be as I had ‘parenting duties’ to tend to that I realised I was doing it on a subconcious level, not because someone was calling me, it was simply to check my notifications and what recent news had been uploaded. I’m not saying I don’t want to use it at all, as it did save me during the night feeds, motherhood can be lonely at times and there is a really lovely small hub of “mums supporting mums” network on instagram, friends, etc. I just hate the fact that these social networks are controlling what we see i.e algorithyms, adverts, I get they need to make money, but mess with our anxiety? say no more. I’ve taken a conscious decision to post less, check my phone at certain times during the day, unless absolutely necessary and try my hardest to “loose” my phone on the weekend. Anyway, enough of the smartphone chat, that’s not what you came here for, you came here to see my weekly top picks. And that, I have for you!

If you’re out for dinner or drinks or exploring a fun place with your little ones to enjoy the rest of half term, there’s something for you, especially these jeans.

  1. Pop active at bra £39 Shop here
  2. Pop active leggings at £70 Shop here 
  3. Vans Sk8 hi trainers £85 at Asos Shop Here
  4. Adidas originals stone stan smith at Shop Here
  5. Denim Jacket at Shop Here
  6. Spot frill blouse £29 at Shop Here
  7. MOTO Mid blue straight leg jeans £40 shop Here


Wearing the next denim jacket £32 Shop here





Hello, I’m Daniela. Thank you for visiting my small part of the world and welcome to my blog page.

When I’m not designing, working on production and all those ‘glamorous’ jobs that come with being a fashion designer; I will be mostly here writing about what I love most, and giving you an insight into my world as a Fashion Designer and new mummy to baby Leonardo born in November 2016.

To get in touch, send me an email – I would love to hear your thoughts.


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