My Daily Routine with my four month old baby

I could never have imagined what my daily routine would be like before having baby L, when I first found out I was pregnant, I knew it was going to involve lots of late nights, early mornings, nappy changes etc. I tried to focus on my pregnancy whilst I was pregnant, staying healthy, eating well, taking my vitamins, drinking lots of water, avoiding caffeine, exercising etc. My personality is very much about ‘dealing with the now’ and trying not to overwhelm myself or be too pre-concerned about ‘what if’ for me, this is a way to deal with life and not get too stressed about things that haven’t happened.

I decided to write a post about my daily routine with baby L now that he is at week 17, If I can inspire or help any mums or dads that haven’t yet reached this stage yet or are thinking of having a baby but don’t completely know what to expect on an average day, I thought I would dedicate this post to what generally happens in my day now that I have baby L.

Every baby is different, so no way is my daily routine a ‘perfect’ or ‘standard’ day, but if anyone can take anything from my routine that would help theirs, this is my reason for telling you all.


Baby L wakes me up, I don’t bother to set an alarm anymore as I know that he will wake me up.

We go downstairs, I put him in his babybjorn bouncer whilst I get his bottle and milk ready. I always have my bottles ready and sterilisation the night before so in the morning I don’t have to worry about that and can just warm the milk up for him.

We have a feed, cuddle and I put him back to bed for his mid morning nap.


This is the 1 hour gap where I know baby will sleep for at least an hour and a half, so I will put a washing load in the washing machine, make a cup of tea, one of the nicest things in the morning is knowing I can drink a hot cup of tea, it really starts my day off well, I know that sounds sad, but it’s never the same having a cup of tea any other time of the day for me, yeah I enjoy it, but i’m so busy I never manage to drink it hot or I forget about it. I then take the tea upstairs with me and run a bath, I usually can’t help but check on baby L, but I swear he can smell me or has amazing hearing because as soon as I step foot in his room, he will stir, so I peep from the doorway.

Before pregnancy, I religiously had showers and never really took the time out to have a bath, it wasn’t until I discovered having swollen feet towards the end of the pregnancy that the only thing to soothe this was to have baths. Once I had Leonardo, the best thing to relax me was a bath, I began to have baths with literally no soap in or bubble bath, as I was so concious of the pain, I didnt want to risk any irritation, a friend had mentioned Lavender oil to me, suggesting this really helped them with the soreness, I have only just recently tried a few drops of Lavender oil in the bath, and it truly is the best thing for relaxation for me, the smell is so relaxing and where I have been feeding/holding Leonardo and he’s started to get quite heavy, I personally think that baths have really helped with my shoulder pain, easing the pain and helping me to relax.

You can buy the Lavender Oil that I have been using here.


Leonardo usually wakes at around this time for his second feed, he is currently having about 180ml per feed and seven feeds per day. We usually have lots of cuddles and he’s really alert and chatty until about 11:30.


Leonardo will have his mid-morning nap, although this week, he has been refusing this nap, being quite cranky and overtired, he just wants to be cuddled and rocked, he hates it when I sit down and just wants to wonder around the house with me in my arms.


By this time, I have managed to get Leonardo to sleep, even if it’s just for half an hour, this allows me to make some lunch and go through my emails, work on my social media etc.


This is when Leonardo wakes for the third feed of the day, he’s quite playful now, wanting to chat away and be loud, he usually plays on his Fisher Price play mat, we have the kick and play piano, you can buy it here.


Leonardo will go down for another nap, this one is usually for about an hour. This is my next chance to get a few things done, this is where I will work on orders and design time.


Leonardo starts to wake for his next feed, he then sits in the babybjorn for a bit while I prepare dinner, I then get his bath ready, we have bath time, a little bit of a play and he sits with us whilst we have dinner.


Leonardo now goes down for his next nap, he gets a bit cranky with this nap and really needs comforting, the dummy I find really helps soothe him to sleep, with lots of cuddles.

20:00 – 11:30

This is the time where I get a bit of ‘me’ time, depending on how the day went, I might try and get a bit of work done, usually on my laptop chilling on the sofa (she says as she writes this at her desk!) or we watch a film on Netflix, but saying that, there are so many books I want to read at the moment, i’m actually hoping to receive ‘Happy Mum, Happy Baby’ by Giovanna Fletcher for my birthday (wink, wink), this is a really nice chilled out time where I like to reflect on the day and totally start to miss bubba while he’s sleeping (is that sad?).


I have been waking Leonardo up at around 11:30 for the past three weeks, since we have been in this routine, I will change his nappy and then give him a bottle, this is his last feed of the day. He then quite quickly becomes tired and we go to bed altogether. From Friday, I am going to try not waking Leonardo for the 11:30 feed and just let him sleep from the 8pm nap and see how it goes, I will let you all know.

So that is generally how the day goes in a short summary, those are roughly our feeding times as Leonardo is 4 months this Sunday, i’m finding he’s fighting alot of his naps during the day, but is doing really well during the night, he really is such a dreamboat and I absolutely love waking up to him every single day, i’m learning so much about myself and him, it’s amazing how such a little person can be so charming, gorgeous and loving.





Hello, I’m Daniela. Thank you for visiting my small part of the world and welcome to my blog page.

When I’m not designing, working on production and all those ‘glamorous’ jobs that come with being a fashion designer; I will be mostly here writing about what I love most, and giving you an insight into my world as a Fashion Designer and new mummy to baby Leonardo born in November 2016.

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