Last Weekend in June

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We had a weekend full of fun, getting ready for our holiday and Sunday spent at Goodwood Festival of Speed. It’s strange to think that last time we went baby L was inside of me, only around 20 weeks, and this time he was with us enjoying the day! He absolutely loves being out and around people, he’s constantly trying to get peoples attention so he can smile at them and he gives everyone a really cheeky grin if they smile back at him, it’s so lovely to see, it’s amazing that such a tiny little personality can change someones mood in an instant, he really is showing his personality now and it’s such a dream to watch, he makes us so proud. I didn’t have much luck yet again on our day out of the house last weekend with the Ella’s kitchen pouches, I brought the ‘Sweet potato, chickpea’ one as I know he love sweet potato, but he just wouldn’t have it. As a back up, I also brought food that I had prepared, I had intentions of warming it up, it was only vegetable based, but still I would have preferred he had it warm, however, it was tricky to find somewhere to do this. So, sat under a tree, with an oven cooked sweet potato, topped with cheddar cheese, surprisingly he ate it! Which was a huge relief for me, he also had prunes, a peach, kiddylicious snacks and Organix carrot sticks and 2 bottles of milk whilst we were there. As it was hot, he was also really thirsty, so I kept topping him up with water.

On Saturday, I went shopping for a few sale bargains and I saw so many things that I wanted, but couldn’t quite justify! So I thought I would list them for you, as they really are great pieces to have, I did buy a few of these items, but i’ll let you guess which ones!

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