It’s okay to love your post-pregnancy body more

I must admit after having Leonardo, I have found myself scrolling back through photos of myself prior to becoming pregnant and couldn’t quite believe how much I have changed, but then when I would scroll to photos of myself pregnant, I then couldn’t quite believe that baby L was once inside that belly of mine! I realise that the person I was before being pregnant was almost a different one, not one that I disliked but just a different one, I never knew or felt any of the emotions I do now, yes pregnancy/ post pregnancy hormones are a crazy thing, but i’m so unbelievably proud of my body and what it has achieved, and that’s why I can’t help but love it more and love myself more.

The new mummy world was such a new thing to me, as it is to any new mum, but for me, I had never been around young babies, being the youngest in my family, I was only ever around younger cousins but that was about 18 years ago, I decided not to google too much about babies when I was pregnant because I didn’t want to overwhelm myself or become too OCD (I do have a nature to do this) with ‘parenting’. One thing I did love to do, was start following insta-mummies, these weren’t mummies who were celebs or painted a ‘perfect family life’ picture, they were real mummies, who posted photos of ‘days in the life’ and spoke about the realities of day-to-day struggles with a baby, breastfeeding, feeding, sleeping, mum-life etc. it’s those women who have inspired me and kept me sane through pregnancy and post-pregnancy. For me, it’s not about A-listers, but about real women and men (let’s not forget the daddy too).

No matter what our bodies are like before or after pregnancy, It’s what we have achieved that I find simply stunning, and yeah I might have a bit more ‘excess’ skin on my tummy, but so what, I have a story to tell and I wouldn’t have it any other way, and if I really wanted to, I could challenge myself to get that ‘flat/toned’ tummy again, but right now, I can squeeze back into my jeans, yeah they might be a bit tight but I actually prefer having a bit more of a ‘curve’ now and I have a waist, so my advice to anyone feeling a bit ‘low’ about their post-pregnancy bodies, put on your favourite lipstick, get your hair, nails done and enjoy those moments with your loved ones, because, as people keep telling me, it goes by so quickly and I know i’d hate to look back and think I missed out on those baby cuddles because I was too pre-concerned by my post-baby body.

The things that have helped me feel good about my body & skin post-pregnancy;

Palmers Cocoa Butter – Buy it here

I used this during pregnancy and now after on my tummy, I feel like it’s softening and firming my ‘stretched’ skin. This was great during pregnancy too, it’s such a good price and I think I went through about 2 bottles in 6 months, I fortunately didnt have any stretch marks but I’m not putting it down to using this religiously because i’ve also been told stretch marks can depend on your skin type etc. i.e if your mother had them, there’s a chance you might, but i’m not 100% sure on the truth in this. My advice would be to moisturise either way.

Burts Bee’s Natural Lip Balm – Buy it here

My lips were always quite dry during and after pregnancy, I don’t know if it’s because the end of my pregnancy was in the thick of winter and baby L was born in November, but I love Burts Bee’s its so light and comes in so many nice colours, it’s nice to have a pretty yet natural lip colour to wear around the house that also feels nice on your lips.

Nails Inc. St. James Gel Effect – Buy it here

I found it difficult to get out in the first few weeks after having baby L, mainly because of the lack of sleep, trying to get used to breastfeeding and the getting used to how demanding the baby was, so painting my own nails when I did have those free 30 minutes was a win for me! I love a good red, it’s classic and looks nice with most outfits, especially if you’re like me and wear mostly black and grey with pops of colour.

My top 5 favourite Instagram mummies to follow are;






Don’t forget to love yourself, and something someone said to me recently that helps me to remember this is ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup!’ Happy Saturday!






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