Our First Holiday to Sicily – The Baby Stuff

We’re back, there’s still a mountain of washing and our tans are already fading but there you have it. Thank goodness for self tanners with moisturisers. I wanted to write this post as soon as we got back, we’ve been back about 3 days now, but I have been so tired, it’s unreal, plus Leonardo started crawling properly whilst we were away and our house is currently in the middle of building works so I wasn’t prepared to come back to a house with a crawling baby in a household of dust that won’t escape. By the way, I really regret not buying the Dyson cordless now, I know, I know, it’s super expensive for a hoover, yes a HOOVER! But, it would make hoovering that bit more enjoyable and quicker in my opinion, I do hate having to carry the Miele up the stairs, even doing the stairs is hard work! Anyway, don’t get me started on hoovering, i’m here to talk holidays, holidaying with a baby, but seriously, just as a side note, does anyone else find it really hard to hoover upstairs, I mean, for me, there are no windows of opportunity, I can’t do it while L is awake because he either wants to eat, crawl and get up to naughty things, he no longer wants to play in his cot on his own like a baby! and when he’s asleep, I can’t do it because it wakes him up! So anyone with advice on this, I would be most grateful!

Back to the holiday talk, after all, if you’re still reading, that’s what you’re here for. We went to Sicily for two weeks, it’s a destination both Lee and I are familiar with, we wanted our first holiday with Leonardo to be a fairly easy, laid back one, with a kitchen, living room, supermarket round the corner, pool walking distance etc. etc. I also didn’t want to be woken up or should I say Lee didn’t want to be woken up by the cleaner before 10am, who am I kidding, I would already be up with baby L at 6:00am!! We stayed in an apartment, it was central to town, walking distance to a supermarket, bakery, restaurants and coffee shops, perfect.

So for this edit, rather than go into too much detail about the location, I thought I would share with you the main products that I packed for baby L and what was really useful.

  1. Sun cream – Ambre Solaire – Buy Here

For baby L, I used the Ambre Solaire Dry mist Sun Cream Spray SPF50, it was so easy to apply, light and rubbed in really easily. I used to spray on quite a few layers and then gently rub it into his skin and he was fine with this. He didn’t like it being rubbed in on his face, I used to spray it on my hands and rub it all over his face and neck and ears and this worked really well, it’s so easy to top up too.

2. Redkite Travel Cot – Buy Here

This was so easy to put up, we took it on the plane, it was awkward to carry as the cover bag doesnt have a handle so we had to make one up ourselves.

Kidtex Travel Cot Mattress – Buy Here

I also brought this mattress for the travel cot, the one that it comes with is far too hard and I wanted baby L to have a good nights sleep. This mattress is so light, we folded it in half and put it in the suitcase surrounded by clothes.

Sun Protection Hat – Buy Here

This was great, a really fun hat and it covers the back of baby’s neck and ears. I pulled the flap up too when the sun wasn’t in our direction so baby L could see out more.

Baby Swim Float – Buy Here

This was great for the pool, baby L felt safe and secure in this but it’s weight is only upto 11kg, baby L weighs 10kg so it looks like we will be needing another one soon.

Baby Wetsuit – Buy Here

This was great for keeping him warm in the cold pool water.

Dinosaur 2-pice sun protection suit – Buy Here

This was a life saver, so easy to put on and on baby as it has a zip down the back, I brought it in 1-2 years so it was that bit baggier which was great as this meant that the sleeves were longer and the trousers. I love that it is uv repellant but I also still put suncream on under this to be on the safe side. My own opinion.

Buggy Parosol – Buy Here

This was perfect for literally every single day the sun was out and especially when baby L had a nap by the pool.

These are the main things that I literally couldn’t be without on holiday, where we went in Sicily, temperatures reached 35 degrees, it’s usually warmer, in the evenings he would just wear a vest as it was so hot, I didn’t bring a sleeping bag for him to sleep in as it was just too hot, he slept really well, he didn’t wake up at all during the night, he just used to wake up super early i.e 6:00am, my fault for not going to bed earlier and not being able to sleep in the heat!

I hope this list as helped any of you thinking of taking your little one on their first summer trip. I will be back with more edits that I hope are useful!

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Love DD xX





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