A Day In The Life with My 1 Year old

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while, I found posts like this really useful when Leonardo was younger and I was much ‘newer’ to the mum game and the huge world of parenting and motherhood. I think these are always good post to see an insight into other peoples lives and how they go through the day, but what I think we all have to remember when reading or viewing posts like this is, not to compare, we’re all different, our routines are different but if you can take one teeny, tiny thing from it, then for me, that’s worthwhile. For example, I might watch a video with a similar subject and see that the baby had a certain snack after their nap and think, oh, that’s a good idea! Your baby may sleep at a different time to mine, there’s no wrong or right when it comes to nap times, I think i’ve slowly realised and began to accept this, it really is what works for you.

To begin, if you don’t know already, I am lucky enough to work from home, so Leonardo is still at home with me and not at nursery yet, therefore we’ve begun to establish a routine that works for us, which allows me to work and also be mummy throughout the day. I am also lucky enough to have a family member who helps look after Leonardo in the mornings through to lunch time which allows me to complete my ‘block’ of work where I have a solid amount of hours to get stuff done.

Let’s start from the beginning…

06:45 – 07:30 – Wake Up Call

This time can really vary, but of late, it has been between these times.

He usually wakes up crying, but it’s not a cry that means he’s upset, it’s a hungry cry. Sometime’s he wakes up chatting away to himself loudly, but I always hear him instantly. I go into his room, he gives me the biggest smile or points at me as if to say, “there you are mummy.” We then go downstairs and the first thing I do is put the bottle warmer on, Leonardo is still having Formula (Aptamil 1). He has about 180ml I make the bottle up and put it in the warmer for about 6 minutes.

We then go in the living room, turn the heater on, switch on bbc news and we just snuggle on the sofa for a few minutes, just to allow me to wake up! I catch up on the mornings news and he usually tries to steal the remote from me. He then has his bottle, of late, he hasn’t been finishing the whole bottle, we’re still using the tommee tippee bottles. I still give him his bottle and we snuggle together on the sofa while he has it. When he’s had enough, he slides down off of the sofa and goes off to play with his toys, at this stage, I usually change his nappy and he plays with a toy (only way to distract him, while I change him). Once i’ve done that chore (nappy changes are such a bore, especially now he’s such a wriggler). After i’ve done this, disposed of the nappy, we have a nappy bin in the kitchen (angel care one with refills). I reward myself with a hot cup of tea and enjoy this, boiling hot on the sofa whilst I watch him play and we have bbc news on.

08:00 – 09:30 Breakfast

At this time, I will warm L’s milk up for his cereal (he’s having whole milk) and put it in a bowl of weetabix, he eats 1 whole weetabix, some mornings he might have a handful of cheerios or porridge, but most days he loves his weetabix. He will then either has a slice of toast with apricot jam or marmite, somedays he might have a crumpet with butter and marmite or a scotch pancake if we’re really running low on food in the cupboards! He then has a piece of fruit, this might be a banana, blueberries, apple or pear but this part of breakfast usually ends up on the floor. I’m really struggling with getting L to eat fruit all of a sudden, he used to love it, but now unless it’s a banana, he throws it on the floor. So if anyone has any tips, they would be most welcome! During this time he has his vitamins in his drink which I mix with cooled boiled water, he likes to drink it quite warm in the morning, it’s good if he has a bit of a sore throat or cold, comforting for him to drink something warm. He then has a play and this gives me a chance to make another cup of tea or if i’m hungry I will make myself some porridge or if i’m being lazy or feel really tired, I will have a piece of toast or crumpet when L has his. I’ll then empty the dishwasher and we’ll go upstairs and brush our teeth together, sometimes I change his nappy again, I clean his hands, face and put him in his sleeping bag and he goes down for his morning nap.

10:00 – 12:30/45 – Nap Time

Over the past couple of months Leonardo has been going for his morning nap at this time, it makes it hard if you want to go out, but this nap time really works for me, as this gives me time to tidy up after him, get dressed, do my makeup and make a coffee to take down to the office for me to start my work. I try to aim to start at 10:00 but this doesn’t always go to plan as Leonardo can fight his sleep some mornings, so I have to comfort him or go and check on him to settle him. He’s got a lot better at self soothing but some mornings I think he has FOMO! My mum will then come over and take over until 1:30pm.

13:00 – 14:00 Lunchtime

This is Leonardo’s favourite time to eat, this is the time where he eats the most, so I like to have soemthing prepared, some days my mum will do this, or I make something the night before or day before. He loves pasta, vegetables, chicken, so at this time of the day he will have either a vegetable broth, chicken broth, minestrone, soup and bread, something quite wholesome, because this is the point of the day where I have the opportunity to get veg into him. He then might have a piece of fruit or Ella’s kitchen puffs as a little treat.

14:00-16:00 – Play Time

I then take over, change his nappy, change his outfit if I need to and we try and do something fun depending on the weather, we might go for a walk or into town and get some fresh air. This is our fun time as he’s usually in a good mood, loves to explore, play, chat and get up to mischievous things. He gets hungry again at about 16:00 so it doesn’t give us much time to go out as he is such a creature of home comforts, he loves being at home eating, I have found it much harder to feed him out and about, he either refuses or just wants to eat rubbish. He might have a snack during this time, either Ella’s kitchen puffs or Ella’s biscuits, he’s really into digestive biscuits at the moment but i’m aware of how salty and sugary these are, so trying not to show these to him as every time he sees me have one (I have an addiction) it’s game over! I’ll list a few of his current favourite snacks below too.

16:00 – 17:00 – Tea Time

This point of the day, he wont eat as much as he would for the lunch hour, he likes to have finger foods at this point, so it might be, a sweet potato, cod fish fingers (if i’m in a hurry) pasta, vegetables, peas, sweetcorn, stuff that he can pick up, enjoy eating himself and again I try with the fruit but don’t always succeed.

Leonardo just has water throughout the day, he loves water so I haven’t felt the need to introduce anything else.

17:00/17:30 – Bath Time

This bits really fun now, now he’s overcome his fear, he really enjoys it, to the point where he’s trying to take his nappy off himself to climb in there, because he can’t get in there quick enough.

18:00 – Milk feed

This is when Leonardo has his second bottle of the day, he is now having less and less, I want to start to introduce whole milk for this feed, but he loves this milk so much, I feel like I should let him lead me on this one as he is having less and less each night.

18:30 – Story Time

We go up into my bed, read a book together and he usually has the rest of his bottle, I put him in his sleeping bag, switch on his night light and music and kiss him goodnight and walk out of the room. Most nights this goes really well but others he can cry because he can either hear me or his dad upstairs and wants to come out of his cot, but he is tired and it’s taken a lot of sleep training to get to this stage.

After 18:30/ 19:00 I then start dinner, but by this point, i’m usually pretty exhausted so try and avoid sitting down, because this is dangerous! Some nights I give myself the evening off, but most nights I will work after we’ve had dinner from around 8:30pm – 11:00pm. Sometime’s later, like right now it’s 23:09, I like to have a shower before bed, wash my hair every other day, so usually by the time I get into bed it’s around midnight.

And that’s a wrap, obviously some days are different depending on our plans, but as i’m working, I am quite regimented with that routine, L loves his routine, he loves his food and it all works for me. I honestly think parenting is all about making it work for you, for your lifestyle and every single baby is different. Leonardo goes to bed that bit earlier because he just wont have an afternoon nap and I stopped stressing myself out with trying after he turned 9 months, and this routine works so much better for us both. Well, there is the dreaded car nap that puts us out of bonk, but hey, if that happens, I just have to deal with it, he will only be little once and if he goes to bed one night a bit later than usual, I’m not going to get toooooo stressed about it!!

On that note, I’m off to do my bedtime routine!

Goodnight all, Love DD xX

The Snack List





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