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This weekend was quite a big one for us, Leonardo turned 6 months old and sadly had a cold from Friday, it’s still lingering but it does seem to be going. We also had a bit of a re-arrange in our bedroom this weekend and took out the Snuz pod from next to my side of the bed. We ordered a cot bed last weekend, which arrived this week and Leonardo slept in it for the first time on Saturday night. Bearing in mind he’s been a little unsettled anyway with his cold and bottom teeth cutting through, he’s doing really well in it and absolutely loves it.

I have so loved having the Snuz pod and we will definitely get it back out again for the next baby, it feels like a bit of a new chapter for me really, it’s quite emotional, just not being able to turn on my side and see his precious face.

We’ve started on the level 2 with Leonardo’s cot bed, he’s too big for the top level and not quite big enough to be on the bottom, I think this might be for when he’s a year old or starting to stand up.

When looking for a cot bed, I wanted something that was going to last a while and something we wouldn’t have to then change again in a years time, I also wanted it to be a nice piece of furniture.

I’ve made an edited list of the top 5 cot beds that I eventually narrowed it down to, so far i’m really pleased with the one I went to, I half thought, should I have got it in white, but I really liked the wood, and the walls in our house are white, so it’s nice to break it up a bit.

The bumper I brought, is okay, I ideally wanted something to go all the way around the cot as when i’ve laid Leonardo down in the cot whilst not in his sleeping bag, he puts his foot through the bars, he hasn’t got them stuck, I just don’t like him doing it.

  1. John Lewis Lasko Cot bed – Shop HERE £350.00
  2. Silver Cross Ashby Style Cot bed – Shop HERE £350.00
  3. John Lewis Alex Cot bed – Shop HERE £120.00
  4. Boori Classic Cot bed – Shop HERE £449.00
  5. East Coast Venice Cot bed – Shop HERE £174.99

There are so many to choose from, so I hope my edit helps someone looking for a cot bed just like us, I wanted something minimal as we’re still in the process of doing up our house and I like minimal furniture and minimal design so that we can decorate accordingly and so that furniture can work easily within a space, I also think the ones that I have chosen work well for a boy or girl.

What’s a bit annoying it that not many of the cot beds (if any) come with a mattress, so you have to bare that in mind with your budget, we chose ours from John Lewis, baby L seemed to like a springy mattress, so we went with a pocket spring mattress, which is £120.00 you can buy it here.

I then brought these sheets, which are a pack of 2 for £20.00 buy it here there quite a cute yet minimal print so will go with various decors for boy or a girl. I have found these to be a bit on the tight side, even though the dimensions are the same as the mattress, they are quite tight, I did need to pull these a bit, thy look fine now, but need a good stretch.

This is the bumper that I brought, it’s pretty, minimal again! £20.00 buy it here . It looks clean and simple and again can be used for boy or girl. Ideally, I wanted one that went all around the cot, but can’t find one, so i’m going to make my own!

I’ve now caught Leonardos cold, so i’m sat here typing this surrounded by tissues, i’ve just made a berry smoothie in the hope that it will heal me overnight! I am so rubbish at dealing with colds, it puts me in a bad mood, I get spots, more spots,I get hot, cold, the worst cold i’ve ever had was during pregnancy at 36 weeks, god I will never forget that week in bed with a watermelon!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend, wishing you all a good start to the week ahead with hopefully some sunshine! (sorry for sounding like a weather girl).

Love DD xX






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