Boobs, Bras and Pregnancy

There have been a few things that have surprised me during the ‘Fourth Trimester’ from the ‘stretched tummy’ to the Linea negra that still hasn’t dissapeared (how long does that take?!) oh and then there was the bleeding (sorry if that’s too gorey) but a few weeks ago I was suffering from back, neck and shoulder pain, I kept ignoring it assuming that it might be linked to post-pregnancy and the days went on, I was having baths, seeing if that would relax me etc. and then I randomly read someones blog post (love you bloggers) about how their rib cage had expanded during pregnancy, and then it clicked!

My rib cage (not sure if this happens to everyone, don’t know the facts or science to this one) must have expanded during pregnancy and it hasn’t gone back to it’s original size and I have been wearing the wrong bra size this whole time, I did get measured while I was pregnant, but this was only when I was about 14 weeks pregnant, stupidly, I never went back to be measured towards the end of my pregnancy, but the pain wasn’t there during pregnancy and I wonder if it was becausse I was wearing nursing bras throughout pregnancy and for the first 12 weeks post pregnancy, and it’s only been in the last two weeks that i’ve started to wear my underwire bras again, (thinking great, enough of the nursing/sports bras) I can wear my ‘sexy’ underwear again!

Moral of the story and apologies for going on so much, get measured as much as you can during the stages of your pregnancy, I didn’t and I should have!

I’ve now had to get rid of my favourite bras and i’m on the search for a new ‘bra wardrobe’ so far my favourite ones are from next and i’ve linked them below.

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