Best baby buys from birth to 9 months

I have been away from the blog for a few weeks now, i’ve been so tempted to come back and had lots of ideas for content, but I feel like we have been in and out of the suitcase for the last month, I can’t complain, it’s been so lovely, lots of friends have said how brave I am travelling with a baby and i’m actually pretty proud of how well we have coped and i’ve literally been winging it! Don’t get me wrong, i’ve been super organised, well most of the time except for this weekend, if you follow me on Instagram you will know that we ran out of nappies on Sunday night, so I tried using swim nappies and it was a disaster to say the least! Baby L is now 9 months, he is crawling and is such a delight, he has such a charming yet cheeky personality, he’s into touching everything and loves watching the washing machine, i’ve found it challenging at times as all of a sudden he has become to quick and on the move that I find I literally run after him all of the time, weaning has become a lot easier, apart from the days he’s teething, he’s a really good eater and will eat most things I make.

I will get on to writing a post on how I made life easy travelling on a train to Edinburgh for 6 hours, as I think that will be a help to any mums interested in taking their babies on a train journey, it was such a joy and nice way to travel, i really loved it and preferred it to the plane! We’re off to Cornwall soon and it’s a pretty long drive, I have some ideas of how to travel as smooth as possible and will also let you know if my idea works so you can try it too.

In the meantime, I was looking on the old google machine for new toys for a 9 month old and I suddenly remembered we had a few things from when he was a baby that people had brought, so I am re-useing and working things in a new way to make it fun and for any new mums, I thought it would be a good idea to list what we’re still using now from when he was born that have been a really good buy, as with baby things, you hear so much of ‘Oh he only used that for about a month and then we had to put it away’ I’m definitely a minimal person and hate buying too many things as student life taught me to be good with my money and hopefully I still am and I hate being wasteful!

  1.  Fisher Price Kick ‘n’ play gym – Buy Here

We brought this when Leonardo was about 3 months, it’s been great for him to lie on and engage with all the sounds and feels and colours and he loved to kick the keyboard, now he’s older and will not lie down on it for 1 second! I have taken the little rattles off and they’re new toys for him to play with! I’ve also taken off the keyboard so that is another new toy! Massive win!

2. Baby Bjorn Bouncer – Shop Here

This is a bit pricey but we have used this literally everyday, it’s been great ever since baby L started to bounce in it, he has loved it, i’ve always known he is safe in it as baby can be strapped in, there are 3 different positions and the fabric is so easy to take off and wash and put back on again, I’ve also read that when baby can sit up, you can turn the fabric around and it becomes a big boy seat, L is a bit too young to completely support himself sitting up, but when he’s steadier, I will try this position out.

3. Baby Bjorn Wooden Toy – Shop Here

This is great for when baby starts to want to touch and interact, since baby L has started crawling, I have taken the bar off the chair and all of a sudden it’s a new toy that he plays with on the floor and uses to scoot around with!

4. Bugaboo Bee 5 – Shop Here

I know I rant and rave about how good this is alot, but it really has been a life saver! We took it on the plane, on the train, it’s so light, when we went to Edingburh we took the Maxi Cosi car seat instead of the seat and clipped it onto the base, it worked really well for us and we have had so much use out of it! If you’re looking for a buggy that you want to have for a while, I would definitely recommend this.

5. Fisher-Price Sooth and Glow Owl – Shop Here

Someone brought this as a present for baby L when he was born and he still loves it, it sleeps with him in bed and he loves the music, he loves that it lights up, it’s so cute!

Hope these help any of you looking to buy things for your baby that you want to last!

Love dd Xx





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