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I’ve been pulling a few things together over the last month or so, getting things ready for our holiday. This is obviously the first time we will be taking a baby on holiday with us, so me being me, super organised, I want to make sure i’ve got everything we need!

I thought I would list a few of the things that i’m taking with me that makes life easier with a baby.

The Baby Fan 

This is one that I found from Jojo Maman Bebe it clips onto most buggy’s we have the bugaboo bee5 and it clips on perfectly. I’ve also clipped it onto the cot rail, but wouldn’t recommend this with all cots as it depends on the width of the railings etc. You can shop the buggy fan here

The Sun Cream 

I’ve gone with a baby factor 50, I’ve been looking for a spray lotion, I haven’t managed to find one yet but as we’ve had hot weather over here in the UK i’ve been using the Nivea Baby factor 50 cream and it’s really easy to apply still and quite light and absorbent. I will continue to search for a spray but this is the Nivea baby lotion i’ve gone for here

Baby Rompers 

I want to make all of our lives quick and easy during hot, sweaty weather and changing a baby 5/6 times a day is made so much easier with a baby dressed in a romper, i’ve found a few that are reasonably priced and look cute too. These are my favourites from Mothercare here


We will be staying in a villa so will need a highchair, I didn’t want to bring anything that was too heavy or awkward to carry, I was looking for something similar to a bumboo seat that I could have baby L sit in on top of a chair as he’s started to grasp sitting up now and I feel he would be comfortable in something like that. This weekend I found this similar one in the sale here

Buggy Parasol

I recently had the bugaboo parasol in yellow, but this weekend I had to return it to mothercare, it wasn’t cheap, but it broke after having it for about 8 weeks, the bits on the end came off and I was worried that baby L would pull them off and potentially try and put them in his mouth. I was going to exchange it, but they didn’t have any in stock, I didn’t want another yellow one though, and I wouldn’t recommend a yellow one if i’m honest, it’s great that people can see you from a distance, i/e when crossing the road etc. however, the bugs loved it! so I would spend ages whilst we were walking along sometimes just pushing the bugs off. I have since been having a shop around and have found a universal one from Jojo Maman Bebe here it’s black so goes well with pretty much any buggy!

Okay, so that’s my top 5 items, I hope that helps any of you taking your little ones on their first holiday i’m still yet to test out our travel cot so I will be back to report on this one as it’s quite a major item of course! I’m also on the hunt for a seat liner for the pram that will keep baby cool, i’m unsure about the sheepskin ones, do they keep baby warm? Get in touch over on my instagram @danieladamico_ or email me would love to hear from you.

Happy Summer! Love DD xX





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