7 Months and Weaning

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It just feels like overnight, literally overnight, I have a little boy and not a baby. Leonardo turns 7 months this week and yesterday he learnt how to roll over. Since then, he has not stopped doing it. I thought I was going to have to spend the whole night wide awake just in case he rolled onto his front in the middle of the night, I made sure he didn’t fall asleep with the dummy in as I was so worried he would fall asleep on his front, face down, I didn’t stay awake all night, as I just can’t do that, I would be a wreck for him the next day. I eventually fell to sleep, and woke up to him on his front, staring at me through the bars, I was in shock, but he was fine, absolutely fine. Tonight he kept doing it again, and just now, he has rolled onto his side. It’s a whole new level of parenting skills, I have a changing table that i’m now scared to use as i’m worried he will roll off it, so i’m changing him on the bed with all eyes on him at all times!

The last few days I have got into a little bit of a routine with baby L, I say routine, I like to keep to routines, but if it’s the weekend, or we go out, it does change slightly, especially with the dreaded car nap that sometimes, just happens!

I’ll give you a little breakdown of our current ‘routine’ at 7 months.

Wake up – anywhere between 5:30am – 7:00am.

  • Milk feed
  • Nappy Change
  • We then have porridge, we’re now using the Aptamil Multigrain Cereal – buy it here
  • Play time / Nappy Change time
  • Nap time again at 9:30am.

11:30/12pm Wake up

  • Nappy change
  • Snack
  • Lunchtime feed
  • Dessert – Yoghurt with fruit
  • Play time / walk

3pm/3:30pm Nap Time

5:30/6:00pm Wake up

  • Dinner
  • Dessert
  • Playtime
  • Bath time at about 7:30pm
  • Tummy Time
  • Bedtime Reading
  • Bedtime 8:30pm/9pm (We’re trying to get this to be earlier)

A few of things i’m loving for baby L at 7 months.

Navy/white Sleepsuits, these are great for bedtime – Shop here

Leo loved these, but we recently lost them in London so I need to replace them for him – Shop here

This is great to dilute with water, especially when weaning and for any potential constipation, it is supposed to help – Shop here


Now, a few of my favourite pieces for Mummy; Just a but of what i’m loving at the moment that makes me feel more like me.

  • a summery lipstick, this is my current favourite – Shop here
  • a pair of denim shorts for when the suns out – Shop here
  • A great top that makes every outfit fun – Shop here

Love DD xX





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